Astonishing Chronicles of Those That Go Out in the Path of Allah

I Haven’t Seen Bayta’llah in Ten Years

In The Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Compassionate

One day I came out of Bayta’llah [the House of Allah] and crossed the street. There was a taxi parked in front. I said to the taxi driver,

“I have to go to such and such place”.

When I sat with him, he started to curse everyone that passed in front of the car. I thought I should give him dawah. When I started to give dawah, he said,

“I haven’t seen Bayta’llah in ten years, why should I listen to you?”

Across the street from Bayta’llah, at about a furlongs distance, there’s a taxi stand. People from all the seven continents get pulled in to come see Bayta’llah, and his heart has become so hard that he hasn’t visited it for ten years.

After hearing what he had just said, my facial expression must have been one of shock. He said,

“Why do you worry? There are hundreds like me.”

[Mawlana Tariq Jamil]



  mujahid7ia wrote @

Well, that’s depressing…

  basair wrote @

Very true.
Here in Jeddah (75 km from Makkah) we have residents who rarely visit Haram shareef.

Blessed are those who are called in to visit His house!

Allahuma ja’alna minhum

  Meraj wrote @

May Allah swt save us not be in them. Aameen

  Islaam4life wrote @

SubhanAllah that is so sad. May Allah guide us all and protect us from hard hearts and may Allah soften our hearts and increase our love for Allah His Rasool SalAllahu alaihi wasallam and his Deen. ameen

I wish i get called soon to visit Baytullah and beloved Nabi SalAllahu alaihi wasallam. ameen

Im so sooo sooo far away … but my heart is there. :o(

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